Black Diamond Winery

March 30th, 2010

The Black Diamond Winery of Port Angeles is a delightfully homespun Washington State Winery. Most of the fruits and grapes in their wines are grown on their estate, carefully tended by the winemakers themselves. You can taste the freshness of their ingredients in their refreshing fruit and grape wines.

Wine and Birds Go Well Together

March 22nd, 2010

If you are heading to Sequim April 9 -11, 2010, for the Olympic Peninsula Bird Festival, be sure to leave room in your schedule for tasting Washington State wines.

Don't miss the Olympic Peninsula Birdfest, April 9 - 11, 2010

Don't miss the Olympic Peninsula Birdfest, April 9 - 11, 2010

The Olympic Peninsula Bird Festival is chock full of interesting events. Participants may chose from several morning and afternoon field trips, photography workshops, or Northwest Raptor Center tours. Rise at dawn to listen to the Chorus of bird calls by the Dungeness River, and take the Owl Prowl once darkness falls. Cruise to Protection Island, and bid for unique items at the Silent Auction.

All this sounds like great fun for birding enthusiasts, but also exhausting.

When you feel ready for a bit of a rest, consider a trip to one of the Washington State Wineries near Sequim. A visit to a tasting room will restore your spirits and prepare you for the next activity at the Bird Festival. In addition, you are likely to find a Washington State wine that you would like to enjoy at home. Olympic Peninsula Wineries produce a limited number of cases each year, enabling us to focus on quality. The best chance you have of sampling our wines is in our delightful tasting rooms from Port Angeles to Port Townsend.

Bring your binoculars to the Olympic Peninsula Bird Festival, and leave with Olympic Peninsula wine.

Northwest Wine and Cheese Tour

March 15th, 2010

Mark your calendars, for the Northwest Wine and Cheese Tour will be at the Washington State Wineries of the Olympic Peninsula on April 17 and 18, 2010. We’ll pair handcrafted local wines with locally made artisan cheeses, and the results will be out of this world.

Enjoy local, hand-crafted Washington wines and cheeses.

Enjoy local, hand-crafted Washington wines and cheeses.

Six Washington State Wineries located in Port Townsend and Port Angeles will participate in the NW Wine and Cheese Tour. Our wineries will be open from 11 am to 6 pm both Saturday and Sunday. This allows ample time for you to leisurely visit all the wineries and sample a good selection of Washington State wines and cheese.

Cheesemakers from Mt. Townsend Creamery of Port Townsend and Mystery Bay Farm of Marrowstone Island will be at Olympic Cellars Winery, on Saturday. Sample these cheeses with the peninsula’s own Pane D’Amore bread and a selection of Olympic Cellars wines. Suzanne Tyler will present cheeses from Wild Harvest Creamery at Sorensen Cellars in Port Townsend.

Keep an eye out and a fork ready for amazing cheeses from Mount Townsend Creamery in Port Townsend, Golden Glen Creamery in Bow, and Montesano Estrella and Beechers in Seattle. We look forward to seeing which cheeses will be paired with the fantastic fruit wines of Black Diamond Winery. And we always love to see what is being poured in the lovely tasting rooms at Harbinger Winery and Camaraderie Cellars of Port Angeles. In Port Townsend, look for excellent cheese and wine parings at FairWinds Winery.

An added perk to any wine tasting event on the Olympic Peninsula is the Rain Shadow that protects most of this area from the rains that often fall in spring. We can’t absolutely guarantee sunshine, but you are more likely to find sunshine between Port Townsend and Port Angeles than anywhere else in Western Washington. Now that is worth toasting!

Tickets are now available online or by calling 800-785-5495. We encourage you to have a designated driver if you plan to thoroughly taste our Washington wines.

Raise a Glass of Washington Wine to Women

March 8th, 2010

Today is International Women’s Day, and March is National Women’s History Month. Take a moment to consider the many achievements of women throughout history. Think about the women in your families and communities. Learn about women who need help today.

This is a great excuse to gather together a group of girlfriends and head to the Washington State Wineries of the Olympic Peninsula. Let the dads and grandpas watch the kids while you reconnect with good friends. Visit the six Washington Wineries located in Port Townsend and Port Angeles in one glorious trip, or plan to return again and again until you have tried them all.

There is at least one woman behind every winery on the Washington Olympic Peninsula. It took vision and commitment for these women (and their male partners) to establish their businesses, and it is worth visiting these Washington State Wineries to see what they have collectively created.

Washington State Winemakers of the Olympic Peninsula

Washington State Winemakers of the Olympic Peninsula

Olympic Cellars, Womanfest, and MADRE are hosting an event on Wednesday, March 10, 2010, at 6 pm. All are invited to enjoy homemade soup and bread and drink wine by the glass during this local celebration of International Women’s Day; it will highlight the efforts of MADRE to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake.

The suggested donation of $10.00 will go towards MADRE’s relief efforts in Haiti. Olympic Cellars will donate 30% of revenues from wines sold by the glass as well.

Red Wine and Chocolate

January 31st, 2010

Is it indulgent to spend a weekend (or two) traveling between Olympic Peninsula Wineries, drinking red wine and eating chocolate? Or is it good sense? It’s no secret that moderate consumption of red wine is good for your health – it is believed to lower the risk of heart disease. Well, it has come to light that the same is true for dark chocolate.

Antioxidants, flavonoids, resveratrol? Let the doctors and scientists study the nitty gritty of why red wine and dark chocolate can help our hearts. We’ll just do as the French have always done – consume them and smile.

Six Washington State Wineries on the Olympic Peninsula are pulling out their best red wines and pairing them with fine chocolates during the weekends of February 5-6 and 13 – 15, 2010. You may purchase tickets to these festive events and taste at all six wineries for a mere $25 (includes a souvenir wine glass), or taste at individual wineries for $5 each.

There is a red wine for every palate at Harbinger Winery in Port Angeles, and a variety of chocolates to match them. Fruit wines, hearty reds and crisp blushes are all here.

Camaraderie in Port Angeles will pair their 2006 gold medal winning merlot with merlot chocolate dipping sauce, Molly Baby chocolate cookies and Princess Valiant chocolates. They’ll pull out other reds as well: cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and blends.

Head to the Black Diamond Winery, in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains near Port Angeles, for tasty Raspberry and Strawberry wines. Be sure to savor the chocolate truffles between sips.

Those of you who enjoy a little spice in your life may want to head straight to Olympic Cellars, on highway 101 between Sequim and Port Angeles. CBC chocolatier Peter Crabtree has created spice-embedded chocolates to enhance the reds at Olympic Cellars. Your taste buds will tingle.

FairWinds Winery in Port Townsend will be pairing their award-winning Port O’Call with rich chocolate flowing from “the tallest known chocolate fountain in captivity”. Also in Port Townsend, Sorensen Cellars pairs reds with assorted chocolates and truffles made by Sequim chocolatier Yvonne. Be sure to try the two new releases: a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Malbec.

You can consider it romantic or fun to head out for a weekend of tasting chocolates and wines from Washington State. Or you can consider it an integral part of your health care. How you spin it is up to you. No matter what, we feel certain you will enjoy it.

Holiday Sips and Tips

December 16th, 2009

The holidays are a time when we often worry about selecting the “right” wines to accompany the delicious assortment of foods that will adorn our festive tables — and the abundance of advice that exists can sometimes feel overwhelming. Following are a few tips designed to eliminate the stress of making the “right” decision, so that you can relax and enjoy the day!

First, for big holiday meals don’t overcomplicate the wine selection. It can be as easy as simply opening a few different types of wine and letting people choose their favorites.

If you have a special, prized bottle of wine in your cellar, bring it up for the holidays and open it before dinner. Let your guests enjoy all of its delicate flavors. This might be a perfect time to offer a toast to those most special in your life.

At the table, food takes center stage. So serve several bottles of food-friendly, less expensive wines that blend well with the wide variety of dishes that you are serving. Then, sit back and enjoy your gathering.

Several Olympic Peninsula Wineries are offering “holiday” wines, perfect for sipping or for pairing with a variety of foods.

Port Townsend’s Sorensen Cellars recently released a 2007 Malbec from Two Coyote Vineyard near Zillah. Beautifully dark and inky in color, with a nose of Mountain Huckleberries that carries over onto the palate. A terrific wine to go with hearty winter stews and cassoulet. $20.00 per bottle. Place orders at the winery at 360.379.6416.

In Port Angeles, Olympic Cellars’ new La Galopine, a Roussanne and Viognier blend, is perfect for sipping before your holiday meal. This white Rhone blend offers up luscious aromas of fresh stone fruit, dry yet vibrant with dancing acidity. Barrel fermented and aged “sur lies” for 12 months. The wine is made with grapes from Ciel du Cheval, considered Red Mountain’s top vineyard. These grapes are sold only to 20 Washington wineries. NEW RELEASE: $23.99

Perfect for the table, Olympic Cellars’ Cranberry Jubilee holiday wine is medium-bodied with a fruit-filled cranberry finish. Crisp, and just a little bit sweet, the wine is decadent with leftovers from your turkey dinner. $15.99.

Harbinger Winery, also in Port Angeles, just released its 2008 Cranberry Bliss, an off-dry blend of Barrel-fermented Rose, Chardonnay, and Cranberrry wine. The cranberries are harvested from a bog in Grayland, Washington. The wine is a great match for just about any holiday “gastronimical situation,”  be it salmon, sushi, or ham. About 50 cases are available to the public, and they will be gone by the New Year. Pick up your bottle today!

More Olympic Peninsula “Fun Facts”

December 1st, 2009

1. Which Olympic Peninsula location was a runner up for the filming of Disney’s second film in the series, “The Chronicles of Narnia?”
Answer: Quinault Valley

2. How did Port Townsend get its name?
Answer: Captain George Vancouver originally named the city “Port Townshend” in 1792 for his friend the Marquis of Townshend.

3. Which Native American tribes were located in what is now Jefferson County in the mid-19th century?
Answer: Chemakum (or Chimacum), Hoh (a group of the Quileute), Klallam (or Clallam), Quinault and Twana (Kilcid band-Anglicized: Quilcene).

4. Which towns on the Olympic Peninsula’s east side are known as, “The Emerald Towns?”
Answer: Quilcene & Brinnon

5. What are the 7 stocks of fish found in the Dungeness River?
Answer: Chinook; Chum; Coho; Pink; Steelhead; Cutthroat and Char.

Olympic Peninsula Fun Facts

November 23rd, 2009

While you may know the Olympic Peninsula as an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, with old-growth forests for hiking, mountain biking and camping, scenic waters for boating, kayaking, fishing and diving, and of course, as home to award-winning artisan wineries, chances are there are a few things that you don’t know about this beautiful region of our state. Here are a few “fun facts” to add
to your knowledge base.

1. The Olympic Peninsula is home to the only rainforests in the Continental United States. These forests are among the rainiest places in the world.

2. The Quinault Valley is called the “Valley of the Giants” because 6 of the world’s largest species of evergreens reside there in relatively close walking distances from developed areas.

3. The Hood Canal town of Quilcene is world famous for its oysters.

4. At 7,980 feet, Mount Olympus is the highest peak in Olympic National Park and has the third largest glacial system in the contiguous U.S.

5. Where on the Olympic Peninsula can you find a herd of Roosevelt elk? In the cities or Brinnon, Sequim and Forks.

Passport Wine Tour This Weekend! Remember – it’s B.Y.O.G. (bring our own glass)!

November 10th, 2009

The Olympic Peninsula Wineries invite you to come out and enjoy award-winning handcrafted wines superbly paired with fresh Olympic Coastal Cuisine during the Passport Wine Tour this weekend, November 14-15 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We’re adding a new twist to this year’s event — bring your own glass! It’s a fun opportunity to show off the most unique piece in your collection. We look forward to pouring our wines in your special glass and hearing what makes it your favorite. Tickets for the self-guided tour are $25.00 and entitle holders to a label collection Passport, complimentary wine tastings and samples of local cuisine at each winery.

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been highlighting what each of our wineries will be serving during Passport Weekend on our blog. Today we’re down to the final two — Camaraderie  Cellars and Harbinger Winery, both in Port  Angeles.

Camaraderie Cellars will feature seasonal tasty bites including roasted beet vinaigrette and wine-poached pears, along with Bell Street Bakery’s seasonal vegetable bread. These delicious bites will be paired with Camaraderie’s favorites: a just released Malbec, Tempranillo, and our popular Viognier.

Harbinger Winery will release a limited bottling of our popular seasonal Cranberry Bliss, as well as the 2008 Viognier, 2007 Syrah, and 2007 El Jefe’
(a reserve Spanish blend with a Rhone twist).  These wines will be matched with locally grown foods, including a savory Chanterelle and Chevre blintz made with locally foraged Chanterelle Mushrooms.

Fall is a beautiful time to visit the Olympic Peninsula — we hope to see you this weekend!

Port Townsend Wineries Feature Local Cheeses, Home Grown Appetizers for Passport Weekend

November 6th, 2009

With the holidays just around the corner, now is a good time to start considering which wines you will serve with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. And the Olympic Peninsula Wineries’ Passport Wine Tour offers a variety of food (and wine) for thought! Visit the wineries on November 14-15 from
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.and sample new and current release wines superbly paired with fresh Olympic Coastal Cuisine. Some of the wineries will feature special limited bottlings for the holidays.

In Port Townsend, FairWinds Winery’s off-dry Gewurztraminer will be paired with an array of cheeses made by Port Townsend’s Mt. Townsend Creamery. Appetizers made with red potatoes grown on FairWinds Farm served with various toppings will be complemented by the winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend.

Sorensen Cellars will feature its 2008 Pinot Gris, 2007 Viognier, 2007 Sangiovese, 2006 Cabernet Franc, and 2005 Syrah. The wines will be paired with locally sourced appetizers.

Get away for a weekend and enjoy autumn on the Olympic Peninsula!

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